Friends of Oak Bluffs

The Friends:

Duncan Ross - President
Sarah Lolley - Treasurer
Lyn Freeman - Assistant Treasurer
Muriel O'Rourke - Secretary

Renee Balter
Nancy Billings
Sharon Coogan
Anne Cummings
John Cummings
Sheila Elliott
Lani Goldthrope
Ann Ross
Christine Todd
Ethel Tyson
Susie Wallo
David Wilson
Susan Wilson
Judy Williamson

Honorary Members:
Bernie Crossland
Mark Crossland


About The Friends of Oak Bluffs

Over 40 Years of Dedication to Beautification

The Friends of Oak Bluffs began in the early 1970’s as a small group of dedicated people headed by the late David Healey.   The hat was passed for donations and the beautification group was born.   Three of the original members continue.

The many accomplishments of this dedicated group are evident throughout the town.   The Friends’ vision and hard work along with help from the Highway and Parks Department have made these projects possible.

Over many years, projects have included; flowers purchased and planted throughout town; in buckets, in the post office planters, at the SSA, in Farland Square, on the harbor and at the library; Christmas greens filled buckets and window boxes, and bright red bows wrapped light posts;   Funds raised for Ocean Park and contributed toward new sidewalks, improvements to the band stand and wading pool.

Memorial lights were dedicated and placed on Circuit Ave., at Post Office Square,

On Ocean Park and along the harbor, hundreds of benches were dedicated and placed throughout town. Bricks have been placed around the bandstand in honor, memory or in celebration. Lights were installed on Kennebec Ave.

The Friends of Oak Bluffs continue to work toward creating a beautiful community and fostering pride.   


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